Innovative PRM/CRM
to boost and reactivate your databases

Optimising data collection from your opt-in database necessarily involves the production of ultra-customised content aimed at consumers so they will want to continue receiving information from you.
Can specific content be produced for each prospect and client? Yes, thanks to the use of Big Data and Data Marketing.

Our Data Activation technologies help to cross-reference data from your users with the content intended for them. For example, our Data Marketing agency creates innovative solutions that guarantee real time targeting and customised marketing.

« Notify's teams' acquisition expertise
and continuous innovation have
supported our growth for more
than five years. »

Emmanuel Borg
Founder of

A digital agency at your side

Step 1 Analysis

An in-depth analysis of your
targets and your databases.

Step 2 Recommandations

Advice on the actions to take
for the personalisation and
production of content that is
perfectly adapted to your clients

Step 3 Creation

The development of customised
algorithms based on all internal
and external data related to your

Step 4 Follow-up

Configuration, implementation of
different APIs for notification
platforms and real time performance

Our data marketing solutions
boost your PRM and CRM databases

You want to make better, denser use of your databases and develop innovative PRM – CRM
programs while keeping total control over your marketing pressure?
Discover our activation platform.
Through innovative digital applications, we offer a more fluid and personalised
digital experience, significantly increasing marketing performance.



of up to


In order to offer the best user experience, our algorithms dynamically adapt the content of each message in the user’s profile and environment.
Live Segment
Live Segment
Live Segment


Add a new segment to your database management strategy: our algorithm enables your users to be identified when surfing regardless of their terminal and to make contact with them when they are connected.


increase in store visits
Geolocate your audience in real time. This enables the content of your messages to be dynamically adapted during your acquisition and retention campaigns.

« We love working with a partner like Notify, who seeks to understand
our business environment and issues in order to attract, to the best of
its ability, our target market.  »

Sylvie End, Digital Manager at Yves Saint Laurent Beauté