Media or e-commerce site publishers,
would you like to monetize your audience and data?

For more than 10 years, Notify has been one of the key players of mass media
and e-commerce sites for audience and database monetization.

The agency has developed a unique monetization platform that allows you to significantly increase the income
from your assets (databases / browser cookies) in accordance with the French Data Protection Act.

From some of our partners

« Seven years of collaboration and not one addict.
Quality campaigns with attractive salaries. Say goodbye to bingo and dubious campaigns… A serious, professional, and especially responsive team.”

Web Edition Planet

« Work carried out in complete confidence on a daily basis on acquisition, retargeting, or Dynamic notifications campaigns. The advertisers and proposed campaigns allow us to achieve excellent results. Notify is a key partner »

SLS Data

Our teams are
at your disposal:

  • Lorena

    +33 1 79 85 00 29

  • Sabria

    +33 1 45 61 58 96

  • Soumia

    +33 1 79 85 00 28

  • Cedric

    +33  1 79 85 00 30

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