A “Brand Technology” agency

Since 2006, the digital marketing agency Notify has been designing, operating and optimising digital acquisition and engagement strategies. An international data marketing agency and specialist in Activation Data, Notify has developed innovative marketing systems based on exploiting signals of intent, with higher conversion rates, greater top-of-mind awareness and increased added value as their key aims.

The “Brand Technology” agency Notify always ensures that the quality of traffic, leads and user experience remain at the heart of their recommendations. Thus, we optimise the performance of the main levers for acquisition and digital engagement: email, display, mobile, social networks, retargeting…

More than 10 years of experience…



The Agency arrives
on the market


The Agency begins its
international roll-out in SPAIN


The Agency acquires Geek Agency, that
then became Adlead’s  R&D department


The Agency continues
its development in PORTUGAL


The Agency crosses the Atlantic,
destination Brazil


The Agency creates its
BIG DATA department


The Agency launches
its activation platform


Adlead become Notify, a new “Brand Technology” agency

Why Choose Notify?

You’re about to choose a digital agency, a data marketing agency.
But what should you base your choice on, which marketing agency should you be working with over the long term?
Here are a few concrete facts about our agency, Notify, which, we hope, will make you want to make an appointment to meet our digital marketing experts…

We are a true
Data Marketing Agency

Ours is a double culture: that of a digital marketing
agency together with that of a technology company.
25% of our workforce are Big Data specialist engineers…
Marketing and technology have to work hand in hand.
Here, at Notify, this is what we do on a daily basis.

With us Intent Marketing
and Live Data are far more
than just concepts

These are directly operational performance levers
for your digital strategies that deliver a higher
quality of both traffic and leads, improve user
experience and give you total control over
your marketing pressure. A look at our data
activation platform, will convince you
of our strength in this area.

We are responsible for
our performance, from one
end of the chain to the other

All digital skills form an integral part of
the Notify agency: digital consulting, design,
advertising production, development and computer
integration, marketing project management…
This allows us to guarantee simple and rapid
implementation of your digital project and guarantee
operational excellence at all levels.
Let’s get to know each other!

We are committed to
the continuous optimisation
of your marketing solutions

“Your marketing campaign has now been launched.
We’ll meet again at the end to take a look at the results?”
Not with Notify. Your project manager conducts regular
analyses to reinforce digital performance as the project
advances and anticipate any signs of erosion. We will meet
regularly to ensure that the campaign remains in line with
your digital strategy. Between two meetings or discussions,
our dashboards enable tracking in real time.

Together, we will be at
the forefront of digital
practices – and remain there!

We are at your disposal to discuss the uses and
technologies that do and will make the difference.
It is with you that we will test marketing innovations
that will significantly increase your digital performance,
before that of your competitors.

« With an annual increase across all our KPIs, our collaboration with Notify
has enabled us to reach the two-million member mark. »

beauté privée

Xavier Chauvin, Founder of Beauté Privée