Retargeting marketing solutions and devices
to capture your website audience

A website audience is mostly anonymous.
Through our cookie-based technology, Notify is able to identify the click-stream created by visitors to your site and offer personalised retargeting actions for each user:

  • Trigger a responsive retargeting email
  • Offer a newsletter subscription notification
  • Trigger a phone call for high value customers
  • Send a retargeting SMS
« Notify's platform allowed me to
generate an incremental turnover from
almost 450,000 newsletter subscribers. »

Acquisitions Manager at SFR

A digital agency at your side

Step 1 Analysis

An in-depth understanding of your
targets, your website click-stream
and your databases

Step 2 Recommandations

Define audience groups
and personalised actions per
audience group

Step 3 Creation

Create attractive graphic and
editorial content designed for your
audience, to meet to the highest
digital standards, by channel and by media

Step 4 Follow-up

Analyse and optimise your
performance as the campaign proceeds
in addition to real-time reporting
when your project is available.

Our data marketing solutions
improve your audience retargeting performance

Receiving the right notification at the right time, that is the strength of the technologies developed by Notify.
Our activation platform enables us to provide a more fluid and more accurately personalised client journey and interactions,
thus significantly increasing the marketing performance of your retargeting solutions.

Dynamic notification
Dynamic notification
Dynamic notification
Opt-in rate of up to


By transforming your audience into email opt-ins thanks to our cookie technology, you are able to maintain the link with profiles that have already expressed a need and then to convert them through dynamic PRM.
Email Retargeting
Email Retargeting
Email Retargeting
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of your traffic is anonymous
We detect the most suitable moment to send a retargeting email message, for example when someone is online. You are therefore certain to appear amongst the top 3 emails in their in-box.
Call Retargeting
Call Retargeting
Call Retargeting


Outgoing calls = opportunities
Whilst surfing, your audience expresses intentions. For high value targets, we can trigger a call in real time as a back-up to the digital journey.
Sms Retargeting
Sms Retargeting
Sms Retargeting


We identify the most interesting visitors to send them a customised SMS, thus amplifying the engagement with your products and services.

« The Notify agency is a responsive and reliable partner,
who has a total command of data. »

Guillaume Paoli, Managing Director of Aramis Auto