Customising marketing solutions to improve
both the conversion rate and digital engagement

What will be your prospects and customers next digital action? Buying online or a brick and mortar purchase?

To accelerate the customer journey and improve your conversion tunnel, Notify offers a better digital experience to your current and future customers. Our technologies enable your prospects and customers to be solicited in the best possible way via a customised marketing message, with content adapted to each terminal and the certainty that your targets are online during each action.

This way, we transform consumer insights into tangible growth for your business.

« The notify applications enabled
me to generate more than
8,000 incremental sales in 2015. »

Nicolas Sire
Marketing Manager

A digital agency at your side

Step 1 Analysis

Audit of marketing actions already
carried out. Study the customer
click-stream and associated KPIs

Step 2 Recommandations

of the innovations that will
bring you the best ROI

Step 3 Creation

Creation of all the graphic,
editorial and technical elements
required, by channel and by

Step 4 Follow-up

Dashboards that are accessible
in real time plus continuous
optimisation of your solutions
by our project managers

Our data marketing solutions improve
your conversion rate, turning prospects into customers

Our digital performance is based in our activation platform.
By using the full potential of personalised marketing, our applications create a smoother online experience
and significantly increase the conversion rate and digital engagement of your consumers.



of up to


In order to offer the best user experience, our algorithms dynamically adapt the content of each message in the user’s profile and environment.
Notification Emails
Notification Emails
 Notification Emails
An opening rate of up to


We detect the most suitable moment to interact by email, for example when someone is online. You are therefore certain to appear amongst the top 3 emails in their in-box.
Dynamic notification
Dynamic notification
Dynamic notification
Opt-in rate of up to


By transforming your audience into email opt-ins thanks to our cookie technology, you are able to maintain the link with profiles that have already expressed a need and then to convert them through dynamic PRM.

« Simple and rapid implementation… The Notify site notification technology has increased
our newsletter subscription rate five-fold. »

Cesri Chui, website acquisition manager, LES ECHOS GROUP