Strategy and acquisition campaigns
to increase traffic and quality leads

For the last 10 years, we have been designing digital traffic and lead acquisition campaigns and strategies for clients as diverse as young start-ups and major brands.
For each of your target audiences, we will select the most effective recruiting channel: email, social, search, display…
By placing user experience at the heart of acquisition strategies, we maximize the ROI of each of your traffic and lead acquisition campaigns.

« Notify's innovation and
responsiveness has driven
our relationship forward for more
than four years. »

Charles Borniche

A digital agency at your side

Step 1 Analysis

An in-depth analysis of your
targets and your databases.

Step 2 Creation

The creation of quality graphic
and editorial content.

Step 3 Diffusion

Diffusion via the selected
channels according to lead
scoring by both channel and media

Step 4 Follow-up

Real-time reporting and
continuous optimisation by
our project managers

Our data marketing solutions
increase the performance of digital acquisition campaigns

Our digital performance is based on our activation platform.
Innovative applications that enable a more fluid and personalised digital experience leading to significantly improved marketing performance.

Contextual Landing Pages
Contextual Landing Pages
Contextual Landing Pages
Up to


conversion rate
We log and use the preferences and intent signals that are specific to each target group to accurately adapt online content.
All this while fully respecting current good practice for the design and ergonomics of landing pages.
Notification Emails
Notification Emails
Notification Emails
An opening rate of up to


We detect the most suitable moment to interact by email, for example when someone is online. You are therefore certain to appear amongst the top 3 emails in their in-box.


of up to


In order to offer the best user experience, our algorithms dynamically adapt the content of each message in the user’s profile and environment.


purchase rate inscrease
Similar to the Look-a-like proposed by Facebook, we identify twin audiences, those who are comparable to your customers, to reach them through different channels. (Email / display / postal)
Mobiles now account for


of traffic
We design and dynamically tailor the content to the “devices” on which they will be read (computer, mobile, tablet). An essential prerequisite to meet consumer demands

« The platform of Notify allowed me to generate an incremental
turnover from almost 450,000 newsletter subscribers. »

Benito DONSION , Acquisitions Manager at SFR